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If you want to turn your life around, try thankfulness. It will change your life mightily. ~Gerald Good

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ashamed So Ashamed

I am a blogging disgrace. I set about to make a new post every day but that, it seems, was when I was on holidays and my head was in a different spot...a clearer spot, a spot with time to 'smell the roses'. Now I'm back at work and despite the fact that I love it, or maybe because of it, I've lost the time or maybe it's the inspiration to write. I'm still reading my favourite blogs though and a fellow blogger, I think her name is Tanya, who also set about to make daily entries is sticking to her goal - I'm a disgrace!

I work in the education field - no longer a classroom teacher but a deputy principal in a large P - 7 school (soon to reach Year 10). Education and kids are all consuming - I liken it to diving off the 10 metre platform - you can't  just dabble in the water from there - it envelopes you, takes you over - and you don't come up for air until you reach the surface. Nobody goes into teaching for the holidays (or the pay for that matter, but that's another story). Teaching is the sort of job that you think about 24/7 until the break between school years - that's the time to really breathe deeply. The rest is just an opportunity to catch your breath. Why am I telling you this? As a way of explaining what's happened to me since the school year began. No excuse I realise, but just a way of perhaps understanding.

The really odd thing is that I'm going to bed these days with not a hint of gratitude in my mind. It's not that worthy things haven't come my way, but I climb into bed and my mind is...empty. What's happening?

I have been blessed with landing in a profession I love and there's rarely a day that goes by without me recognising how fortunate I've been. How many people, I wonder, just go to work because the bills have to be paid?  Poor them...poor you.

I'm content with my life - is it perfect? I guess not. What is perfect anyway? I'm independent, I am loved and I am free. Really, what more could I ask for?

I now know that posting a blog every night while I'm working is unrealistic, but I will try to be more regular than once every three weeks. Don't give up on me!

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  1. I just wrote you a comment and my computer crashed. I'm afraid it's mad at me for being so whiny. You're ashamed...I'm the one who should be ashamed. You are kind enough to mention me and read my posts, and I was ready to give up.

    Problem with me is I'm a perfectionist and if I'm not 100% happy with what I'm writing I don't. These days I have been working crazy 50 hour weeks. Sick on and off (throat killing me today) and the last thing I feel like doing is writing at my computer for three hours. (that's how long it takes for a paragraph I'm only 75% happy about these days). And I started to get so many page hits I felt pressured to write what I thought people wanted to read. Wasn't thinking about me anymore and it just stopped working.

    Here's hoping we can both stick with it!