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If you want to turn your life around, try thankfulness. It will change your life mightily. ~Gerald Good

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Grateful grateful!

Two people I've never met read and commented on my blog! Yippee! Thank you ladies for taking an interest. This blogging caper is an interesting thing -I find myself sharing things here that I don't tell other people. So maybe we get to know each other a little - maybe over time a lot. #1 thing to be grateful for today.

I read into the wee small hours of this morning - got to that part of a book when you just can't put it down. As a child I never read. I loved being read to but didn't like the effort of having to do it for myself. I'm so sad about that now - there's a whole world out there that as a child I should have discovered. The first book I ever really got into came straight after Year 12 and before I started university. Who knew that a book could make me weep? Last night I ended up with a scratchy face and a soggy pillow too - what bliss. And lucky that being on holidays means that I can catch up with a nap today if I need to. #2 thing that's made my world a better place today.

I love to cook. Not dinner party stuff - that's enough stress to see me going under, but everyday cooking for my family. I buy lots of cook books, I pour over recipes and buy beautiful ingredients and sometimes items that I like the sound of but don't berries for example. I happen upon some magnificent meals and am lucky enough to have family that are eager and adventurous eaters. But last night Sam and I supped on breakfast food...eggs, bacon, grilled tomato and as a treat some mashed potato. And it was DELICIOUS. Isn't it wonderful that the simplest of things can give us absolute pleasure? #3 What a beautiful day!

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  1. by staying so positive, you would not believe how many wrinkles and gray hairs you are saving yourself from! LOL