To Think About

If you want to turn your life around, try thankfulness. It will change your life mightily. ~Gerald Good

Monday, January 24, 2011


So much for writing every day. I haven't even returned to work yet and I've missed some that's sad. I haven't been forgetting to count my blessings each night - just not making time to write them here!

The most curious thing - the longer I've been on holidays the more lackadaisical I feel and the less I am actually achieving. What's that all about? Is it because I'm home that I feel guilty? I mean after all there's plenty to do. But if I were in some foreign land or even getting some sun and surf at the coast I wouldn't be doing jobs...
I did have to go to work today to interview potential employees - the effort of concentrating for some hours wore me out! The rest of the week is mostly mine and then its back to it, so I'd better fire up for some inspiration soon.

Over the last few days I've luxuriated in clean sheets (how much better can life be?), shared a meal and a movie with a friend who gets more special every time I'm with her, debated vigorously but not heatedly with my son while enjoying delicious prawns together, enjoyed a walk with the dog in the crisp morning air and made an interesting rosewater syrup to accompany fresh strawberries. Hey do you notice that food is figuring strongly? And I've spoken via Skype a couple of times to my aged parents who live in another state. They are getting the hang of it and their faces light up to see me or the kids.

And I have another Blog follower...Thank you.

All in all I'd say my life's been pretty darn fine - what's been happening in your life thats made you feel good?


  1. friends. and new found privileges of independence. plus a father who is on a business trip in Saudi Arabia (8 hours ahead of florida) but still makes sure to call my sister, mom and I past midnight every day to check in.

  2. Friends and family - can't beat them!
    And independence - well aren't we lucky to live in a countries where that is even an option for a woman?

  3. Oh my God. He told me these awful things about the women in Saudi Arabia. I knew they were pretty much treated like dirt, but what he told me was beyond my knowing. and I;m wondering when the leaders of that country will get their heads out of their asses and become more aware.